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Microsoft Digital Transformation Showcase

Microsoft Digital Transformation Showcase

Hard Yards is proud to help facilitate the Microsoft Digital Transformation Showcase for Defense, Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community. The cloud is changing the game - come try on a HoloLens and you will see.

The six levers of Agile transformation

By infusing a culture of agility throughout the organization, at all levels, you can be better prepared for change. We have identified six levers that drive the need for transformation. Adopting Agile practices ensures the organization is well poised to react to any pressure generated by these levers.


Emergent designs

Quick learning cycles

Human-centered designs

Respect for people

Incumbent VS disruptor

Mentor-Protege: BCG and Hard Yards

Mentor-Protege: BCG and Hard Yards

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the world’s foremost management consulting companies, and The Hard Yards, a strategy and information technology consulting company that integrates design thinking, agile, and advanced analytics, finalized a strategic partnership today.  The Small Business Administration (SBA) approved an All Small Mentor-Protégé Agreement between the two companies.   Together, BCG and Hard Yards will help enable defense and intelligence digital transformation.