Course length: 2 days
Location: Delivered on premise at your office, or at a convenient third-party facility.
Class size: 10-25 participants
Certification: This class includes the exam assessment to qualify for the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification by the Scrum Alliance.


Certified Scrum Master CSM

Scrum is today the most popular Agile framework, used by organizations worldwide. Scrum is a simple yet incredibly powerful set of practices that help teams deliver products in short cycles, enable fast feedback, and create a culture of rapid adaptation to change. This class teaches the foundations of Agile and provides a solid understanding of the Scrum framework. Learn the essential concepts and tools of Scrum, including managing product backlogs, planning releases and sprints, tracking and reporting progress, and conducting stand-ups and retrospectives.

Today’s market is increasingly more competitive, as new products come on a daily basis, and entire industries get thrown upside down by innovators. Companies today cannot afford to ideate, research, and develop a new product over a long time. The risk is that by the time the product is ready for launch, someone nimbler, faster, more agile, who is able to identify an opportunity and quickly bring a solution to life, has already taken the top spot in the market.

Taught by a certified Scrum Trainer, this class takes participants through a series of interactive exercises where they can learn and apply first-hand the principles of Scrum. At the end of the class, the participants are able to implement Scrum in their work environment, adopt a more innovative mindset, and drive an Agile culture change in their organization.


  • Why Agile?

  • Scrum values and principles

  • Scrum workflow and time box simulation

  • Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Retrospective, Daily Stand-up

  • The Scrum roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team

  • Principles of Lean

  • Backlog and User Stories

  • Estimating using Story Points and Poker Planning

  • Release Planning and Prioritization


The Certified Scrum Master class is aimed at those interested in pursuing a Scrum Alliance certification to attest their knowledge of Scrum. It is best suited for Managers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, and Scrum Team Members.