Consulting by Hard Yards

Unlike traditional consultants, we do the “hard yards” with our clients.  We educate and train, partner and coach, and advise upon transition of the engagement.  We begin with an assessment of an organization’s capabilities, identify their strategic positioning, and develop a roadmap for the engagement.

Rather than create dependencies, our goal is always to empower your teams to build internal capabilities to support a lasting transformation.

We consult in the following areas to create business value:

  • Business & IT Strategy

  • Data & Analytics

  • Design & Architecture

  • Agile Product Development

  • IT Investment


Agile Transformations

Agile Transformations require a big commitment from an organization.  Our team takes a comprehensive approach to ensure that you get the business outcomes you need.  We combine expert, immersive training, practical coaching support at all levels, and ongoing support to make sure the transformation continues to produce the desired results.

Our Coaches and Trainers have decades of Product Development experience.  We follow Product Development best practices in executing an engagement, and embed these same practices in the organizations we work with.  The best products are built with a continuous, integrated feedback loop.

  • Learn – Assess the business viability “will it create value?”, technical feasibility “can we build it?”, and human desirability “can people use it?”.  Take key inputs like mission objectives, business challenges, hypotheses, and data and use proven tools to explore them. Design Thinking, Innovation Tournaments, and Design Sprints will help answer these key questions and ensure you know what problem you are solving and for whom!

  • Build – Iterate early and often to gain feedback.  Be prepared to adjust course and embrace fast failure as a learning tool.  Deliver incremental value by establishing Minimum Viable Product tests and continuously seeking Product/Market fit.

  • Measure – Use non-vanity metrics to take a comprehensive view of product delivery.  Measure the performance of the Product, the Process, and the Team. Use the insights garnered to drive new Learning, and shape both what you Build and how you Build it.