Course length: 2 days or 3 days
Location: Delivered on premise at your office, or at a convenient third-party facility.
Class size: 10-35 participants

Design Thinking workshop

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to problem solving and strategic innovation. It has surged to prominence because it allows teams to research and design solutions that are customer-centric in nature by focusing on needs, expectations, and emotional insights. Rather than aiming at the creation of a perfect solution based on a list of requirements, Design Thinking offers an iterative cycle of ideation and validation, whose goal is to design solutions that meet the customer’s needs. It works best in the white space of product innovation where a clear solution is not available, and sometimes the customer problem may not be fully defined.

“Design thinking is a method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions. It is a form of solution-based, or solution-focused thinking with the intent of producing a constructive future result. By considering both present and future conditions and parameters of the problem, several alternative solutions may be explored.” - Wikipedia

Design Thinking offers multiple opportunities to validate ideas and solutions with customers, and correct the path if necessary. From this point of view, Design Thinking is complementary to Agile.

This workshop is highly interactive and takes teams through the whole process, from idea to a working prototype. Teams begin by learning the customer context and defining the problem statement. Then they work in iterations creating solutions and validating them with customers.

The 2-day workshop allows for a full exploration of the methodology. The 3-day workshop gives more time for actual experimentation and iteration, developing a deeper understanding of the techniques.


  • Design Thinking principles
  • Empathy interviews and observations
  • Problem statement definition
  • Brainstorming and synthesis
  • Solution ideation
  • Prototype building
  • Testing and validation


The Design Thinking workshop is designed for anyone involved in the development of products, with a particular focus on Product Owners/Managers and Designers, who are responsible for understanding the customer needs and translating these into solutions.

Because teams need to work together and create something new, the workshop is a great opportunity to foster team-building in new teams (or organizations) while at the same time developing a useful skillset to create innovative products for your customers.