Course length: 2 days or 3 days
Location: Delivered on premise at your office, or at a convenient third-party facility.
Class size: 10-25 participants

Expert Product Management

Product Management is today one of the most important yet challenging roles in any organization focused on innovation. Too often this role is responsible for making all the decisions on a product, managing priorities and the backlog, and acting as the single customer advocate. This is a lot, and things are often not as they are supposed to be. This class teaches a team-based approach to product ownership, tapping into Agile, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup concepts. It provides expert advice on how to manage a backlog, incorporate customer feedback into grooming, use the product team to prioritize effectively, and plan sprints and releases.

A product is the aggregate of tangible and intangible attributes that deliver benefits to the customer and solve a specific need. A great product is one that delivers an awesome customer experience. Organizations and teams that keep their customers’ needs into focus, foster a culture of agility, and empower their teams to make the right decisions, are more likely to set the conditions for great products to come alive.

Building upon the principles of Agile, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup, this class takes participants through a series of interactive workshops where they learn the responsibilities of a Product Manager/Owner, and apply first-hand the principles of effective product management to create innovative products. At the end of the class, participants are able to act as the Product Owner in an organization , and successfully apply prioritization, vision, User Story grooming, and customer-centric feedback to any product.


  • Roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner/Manager
  • Discover user needs and create solutions that customers love
  • Create a learning feedback loop with your customers
  • User Personas, Customer journey maps, UX
  • Why Agile? Scrum and Kanban overview
  • Effectively manage a product backlog
  • Prioritization techniques
  • User Stories, Features, and Epics
  • Sprint and release planning
  • Product journey mapping and Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
  • Effective use of Sprint workflow to drive activities with the team
  • Prototype testing
  • Metrics and validation of market-solution fit


The Effective Product Management class is designed for anyone involved in the development of products, with a particular focus on Product Owners/Managers, and those responsible for managing product teams.