Course length: 2 days
Location: Delivered on premise at your office, or at a convenient third-party facility.
Class size: 10-25 participants
Certification: This class includes the exam assessment to qualify for the SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) certification by the Scaled Agile.


SAFe Scrum Master (SSM certification)

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a framework built upon Agile and Lean practices that synchronizes alignment, collaboration, and delivery for multiple Agile teams. SAFe helps businesses address the significant challenges of developing and delivering enterprise-class systems in the shortest lead time. A SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) supports the teams in implementing SAFe practices, launching Agile Release Trains, and conducting PI Planning activities.

The Scrum Master role was originally defined as a fundamental role for agile implementations using Scrum. In this two-day class, you will learn the fundamental responsibilities of a Scrum Master within the context of both Scrum and SAFe, and will develop an understanding of the role of the Scrum Master in a SAFe organization. With an extended curriculum compared to traditional Scrum Master training, the SAFe Scrum Master class goes beyond the fundamentals of team-level Scrum and explores the role in the context of the entire enterprise. This class helps you learn the key components of a SAFe agile development, how to run a Program Increment (PI), how to facilitate PI Planning, and how to support your team in the execution of a PI as a servant leader and coach.

At the end of the class, you will qualify for the SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) certification exam. To earn the SSM certification you will have to pass the exam. The SSM certification signifies that you are prepared to perform the role of Scrum Master in a SAFe environment, increasing your value to teams and organizations that are implementing SAFe.


  • Why Agile?
  • Scrum values and principles
  • Scrum workflow
  • Describe Scrum in a SAFe enterprise
  • Facilitate Scrum events: Iteration Planning, Iteration Review, Retrospective, Daily Stand-up
  • Support effective Program Increment execution
  • Support relentless improvement
  • Support DevOps implementation
  • Principles of Lean


The SAFe Scrum Master class is aimed at those interested in elevating their role as Scrum Master to support agile at scale. It is best suited for Managers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, and RTEs.