Welcome to your Choose Your Own Adventure!


Throughout this online choose-your-own-adventure simulation, you’ll be presented a series of decisions to make.

This is best played as a team.

To get started, have someone on your team serve as the facilitator and discuss the available options and alternatives.

Discuss all the options as a team, and make a choice. Then, simply click on your choice to read the outcome.

Follow the instructions and review the other choices and discuss the outcomes together.

The goal is not to finish the fastest. The goal is to learn more together as a team.

Further directions will be provided for you to follow during the adventure.

To get started, please provide your name and email address. We may use this information to contact you about future opportunities with Hard Yards and the information will not be sold or shared with any other organizations.

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Please note: This is a simulation for discussion purposes only. Anything that resembles a real-life situation is purely coincidental and this simulation is entirely a work of fiction. Names of people, companies, and locations are for sample purposes only and are provided to add context in your discussions.