Shuhari - Mark gets his jiu-jitsu black belt!


Mark started with Eric Burdo in 2005 at Richmond BJJ and has been training with Andrew Smith since 2008 at Revolution BJJ.  Julio Fernandez, one of Carlson Gracie's students, tied all of Marks belts from purple onward.

Shuhari is a Japanese martial art concept, and describes the stages of learning to mastery. It is sometimes applied to other disciplines, such as Agile!  Shuhari roughly translates to:

shu - Obey the rules

ha - Bend the rules 

ri - Abandon the rules

At Hard Yards, we believe everyone must get a baseline education in the agile lexicon, practices and, most importantly, the theory.  For some period of time, it makes sense to obey the rules of the chosen practice (e.g. Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, etc.).  Once basic competence is achieved, organizations should bend the rules to their specific context.  Finally, once the theory is mastered and people/organizations have developed enough experience in a variety of methods, the rules can be abandoned to create truly unique value - effortlessly.  

Very proud to partner with Mark.  Whether it is jiu-jitsu, agile, or any other pursuit, Mark is driven to mastery. 

Congrats Mark!


Mark is delivering a Dual Track Agile workshop (Design + Agile) this Monday, 5 March, at Innovate Virginia.  Hope to see you there.